10 Most Bizarre Vending Machines in Japan

With 1 vending machine for every 23 people, Japan has one of the highest vending machine densities in the world.

You can hardly walk 100 meters without finding a vending machine in Japan. Japan has a dense population, limited space, and a decreasing number of working age people. Vending machines have proven to be a convenient solution to the problem. Almost any good you can purchase in a store, you can find in one of Japan’s 6 million vending machines.

Here are some of the more unusual vending machines found in Japan:

1. Lobster vending machine

Photo of Lobster Vending Machine, Japan

You can find this in Osaka. Modeled after a claw machine, for a mere 100 yen you can catch your very own fresh, live lobster.

2. Fortune vending machines

Photo of Fortune Vending Machine, Japan.jpg

These vending machines are commonly found at temples and shrines. They are small slips of paper that presumably tell your fortune (called “omikuji” in Japan). For good luck, omikujis are traditionally tied to trees or pillars.

3. Used schoolgirl panties vending machines


Controversy surrounds the actual existence of these vending machines. It was declared illegal in 1993 to sell used schoolgirl panties in vending machines, yet many locals and travelers claim they still see them around!

4. Flower vending machines


Don’t spend enough time with your wife? Flower bouquets and potted plants are available 24/7.

5. Egg vending machines

Egg Vending Machine, Japan.jpg

Sometimes you just need eggs.

6. Girls phone numbers vending machines



7. Hot meals vending machines

Hot Meals Vending Machine, Japan.jpg

These on-the-go vending machines sell every meal you can possibly think of. Hamburgers, hot dogs, stew, curry, spaghetti, french fries, fried octopus, and the list goes on.

8. Umbrella vending machines


Stuck out in the rain? No stores open? Japan has found a solution.

9. Lingerie vending machines

Lingerie Vending Machine, Japan.jpg

Available any time you need it.

10. Rhinoceros beetles vending machines

Rhinoceros Beetle.jpg

Rhinoceros beetles are very popular pets in Japan. Collecting them and fighting them is a favorite pastime among young Japanese boys. Check out Japanese Bug Fights!

Row of vending machines in Japan:
vending machines, Japan.jpg

Lobster vending machine photo by Gavin Anderson under CC by SA license. Photo of Fortune vending machine by psd under CC license. Photo used for Used Schoolgirl Panties vending machine by thp365 under CC license. Photo used for Bouquet Vending Machine by catalin82 under Royalty Free license. Egg vending machine photo by antjeverena under CC by SA license. Photo used for Girls’ Phone Numbers Vending Machine by Wickedly Smart under CC by SA license. Hot Meals Vending Machine by kalleboo under CC by SA license. Lingerie Vending Machine by w00kie under CC license.