Last Day in Nago

On my last afternoon in Nago, Okinawa (30 January 2008), I took more photos of sakura (cherry blossoms). Most of the photos below have larger versions that will load when you click the images.

Sakura flowers closeup:
Japanese sakura flowers

Sakura flowers:
Japan cherry blossoms photo

The weather in Okinawa has been gray and rainy. The pink color of the cherry blossoms stands out in this kind of weather:
sakura flowers, branches

Stone steps and cherry blossom flowers:
stone steps and cherry blossom flowers in Japan

A street in Okinawa:
a street in Nago, Okinawa, Japan

Nago Sakura Matsuri poster advertisement:
a poster advertisement of the Nago Sakura Matsuri (festival)

Sakura Carnival poster:
a poster about sakura carnival