Nago Cherry Blossom Festival, Day 2

Here are some photos of the parades from day 2 of the Nago Sakura Festival 2008. I’ve also included some photos of cherry blossoms from the Mount Yaedake Sakura Festival for color comparison. Some of the photos below have larger versions available that you can view by clicking on the photos.

Okinawa drumming and dancing with sanshin (3-stringed lute) players:
sanshin player, okinawa parade

Cherry blossoms from nearby Mount Yaedake:
cherry blossoms, Japan

Drummers and dancers in the streets of Nago, Okinawa:
Dancers, drummers, Okinawa parade

Okinawan drummers in the festival’s parade:
Drummers in festival parade

Parade for sakura festival

Sakura from Mt. Yaedake:
Japan sakura on Mt Yaedake

Japanese women in pink clothing for the cherry blossom parade:
Japanese women in pink costume for cherry blossom festival parade in Nago