National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

National Museum of Modern Art at a glance

Located in Kitanomaru Park in central Tokyo, Japan’s National Museum of Modern Art holds one of the country’s most impressive displays of modern art works by both Japanese and foreign artists. After being closed for a 7.8 billion yen ($78 million) renovation, the museum reopened in 2002.

In addition to works by Gyokudo Kawa, Kishida Ryusei, Fujita Tsuguharu and other Japanese artists from the Meiji Period (1868-1912) onward, visitors can see work by some of world’s most renowned foreign artist, including Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris, Kandinsky, and Francis Bacon.

The museum also has a relaxing cafe where customers can enjoy a great view of the Imperial Palace from its outside terrace. Make sure to save your ticket stub from the museum – it can be used to gain free entry into the Crafts Gallery nearby.